OAU bans kissing, transparent wears, hugging, tattoos, others on campus

The Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, has taken the fight against immorality and indecent dressing on campus to another level with an outright ban on skimpy dress, tinted hairs, tattoos, kissing and hugging of the opposite sex and many more.

The rate of exposure, immorality and indecency in the society has become very alarming. The campuses happen to be the epicentre for this display of high level moral decadence. It is therefore, not surprising that some institutions of higher learning have decided to take the bull by the horn by being at the fore front of this fight against this annoying rate of immorality.

No wonder, Hezekiah University, a faith based and only private University in Imo State chose “academic excellence with good morals” as its motto. This is carefully crafted to change the inset of the youths that tertiary institutions are places to study and acquire good morals, and not a place for monumental decadence.

OAU Ile-Ife has joined the battle against this decay with the recent ban on backless clothes, transparent wear, off-shoulder clothes, bum shorts, tattered jeans, dreadlocks, earrings for male/cowries for female, and micro/mini dress, sexually provocative dresses of any kind, sitting on opposite sex laps and wearing of anything that covers the face.

The school also banned sagging for both males and females, unconventional wearing of caps, tattoo/indelible markings for males, multi-coloured braid for females, haircuts with inscriptions, hair braiding for males, nose, mouth, eye or extra rings, crop/jump tops, T-shirts with obscene inscriptions depicting immorality, hooliganism, among others

These were part of the set of codes of conduct and dress code as contained in the revised students’ handbook, which also banned heavy make-ups, rumpled and dirty clothes, and hair plaiting or weaving by male students on the campus.

The University Authority also put in place severe punishment for violators. Any student who violates any of the dress codes will be rusticated from the school for one semester while in addition, any student found with coloured hairstyles, hair braiding for males, or spangled hairstyle for males will be rusticated for two semesters from the school.

Students found touching, kissing and hugging a member of the opposite sex and students found massaging or sitting on the lap of the opposite sex would be rusticated for two semesters.

The University urged the male student to ensure they maintain neat and well-combed hair at all times and that they are not allowed to apply artificial colours.

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